img_1441_2Me: Abi, age 27, stay-at-home mom, erstwhile English major, part-time professional scrapbooker (yes, that’s a real thing), in long-term therapy for depression and something my shrink calls “closet narcissism.”

aaronAaron: My longsuffering husband. Video-communications professional, tech geek, and good daddy.

img_1068_2David: Age 5 (“and a half,” he’ll add if you forget). Preschooler with a bossiness complex, some attention problems, a heart full of love to give, and a deep and abiding adoration for anything with wheels.

img_3064_2Noah: Age 3. Sly middle child with a wicked imagination and a keen understanding of exactly what buttons to push to get you riled.

img_1144_2Peter: Age <1. Surprise third baby with the most cheerful disposition you’ve ever seen, thanks to the Zoloft he gets in his breastmilk.

This “Cast of Characters” page was written 02/2009, so apply math as needed.



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