Adding on

You may have noticed that lately I’ve become quite passionate about the notion that one doesn’t have to lose weight to be healthy, and that there is no “healthy body size” — rather, healthy bodies come in all different sizes. I’m learning a lot more about this, and about my progress with accepting myself for who I am instead of holding out for the thin person I wish I could be. Beginning to think this way feels like a new chapter for me, a complete turn away from the things I used to believe about my body and my size and my self-worth, and I’ve decided to give this topic its own home, where it can grow and spread out and not get in the way of the other things I have to say about school and my boys and what the cat threw up.

I also want to give myself some distance from some earlier things I’ve written here, body-shaming and self-loathing things I’ve written — posts that no longer reflect how I feel about myself, and which can trigger a lot of negativity when I re-read them now. So I’ve hidden those.

I’m leaving up the recent body-positive posts I’ve written here, but in the future I’ll try to say less about that over here — if you’d like to read those posts, please join me at my new blog: Adipose Rex.

And I’ll try to keep posting here with approximately the same frequency that I’ve posted here in the past, which is to say, sporadically; as I still need a space to write the occasional funny story about poop.


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