A post over on The Girl Who is asking for commenters’ favorite childhood Halloween costumes. Here’s mine:

The year after my mom died (this is shaping up to be a horribly depressing comment but I promise it really isn’t) I was 11 and I tried my hand at homemade Halloween-costume-making, because she had made our costumes for as long as I remembered so how hard could it really be, right? For whatever reason – I had a really weird sense of humor as a sixth-grader – I decided to go as Brunhilde, i.e. the Wagnerian “it’s not over ’til the fat lady sings” opera Viking lady. My dad and I managed to stitch together a long plain dress out of red jersey material without too many problems, and then for a breastplate I cut some shiny silver fabric and glued it to the dress. The best part, though, were the boobs – at a newly-pubescent 11, I didn’t have anything like what I needed to pull off a convincing portly Valkyrie – so we made broad cones out of posterboard, covered them with the silver fabric, and glued them to the front of the breastplate. (We did something similar for a hat with horns.)

So on the day of the school Halloween parade, when all the students dressed up in their costumes and marched laps through the school hallways, I secluded myself in a bathroom stall, wrapped myself in cotton batting, pulled the dress down over it, bobby-pinned the hat to my hair, and strode back to my classroom to join my other costumed classmates, readying myself for their gasps of approval and admiration.

That was when I realized that all the other sixth graders were waaay too cool to dress up for Halloween, that was apparently little kid stuff. Ah well. I adjusted my cotton flab, pointed my shiny conical boobs, and – as the oldest student in the parade – led the little kids around the hallways, like a Viking princess with her minions. It was pretty awesome.

What was your favorite Halloween costume? Were your costumes store-bought or handmade?


2 Responses to “Disguised”

  1. 2 Rachel October 22, 2009 at 3:58 am

    I remember the Brunhilde costume!! Actually, I have pictures 🙂

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