What Happens in Tennessee

I’ve been on vacation this week, visiting my folks in Tennessee. I love visiting my folks – I always come home with a southern accent, and using words like “folks.” I have terrific pictures I can’t wait to post – from our trip to Rock City, from a hike in the mountains, from Peter’s first birthday cake – but first I want you to meet my kid sister, Ashley, and my baby brother, John:


This is Ashley, my gorgeous sister. She’s a graphic designer from Atlanta and she’s looking for a job – anyone want to hire her? She’s terrific!

And here’s my baby brother, John, who just finished his junior year of high school this week:


John is 11 years younger than me. I used to change this kid’s diapers. I haven’t quite gotten him to change any of my kids’ diapers yet, although it seems like it would be only fair.

By the way, have you heard of a neti pot? You use it to pour saline into your nose. It flushes through your sinus and comes out the other nostril. For kicks, we tried out my dad’s neti pot. And, y’know, took pictures.

There’s not that much to do for fun around here. Well, okay, there is. But this seemed like a good idea at the time.


Have you ever poured anything through your nostrils? It’s kind of a trip.


I love a man who isn’t afraid to pour saline through his nasal passages.

And actually, the neti pot thing was rather nice, once you got over the part about pouring saltwater through your nose. In fact, my allergies, which had been bothering me ever since we crossed the Mason-Dixon line (things are actually growing down here, not like back home on the tundra), were much better once I flushed all the pollen out of my sinuses.

Just look how happy John is with his squeaky-clean nasal passages!


We’ll be traveling for the next few days, but next week I hope to post some of the highlights of our trip, almost none of which will involve nostrils of any sort. It’s been a great week, y’all.


2 Responses to “What Happens in Tennessee”

  1. 1 Emily May 30, 2009 at 1:38 am

    What’s gross is that you were all sharing the same nose pot.

  2. 2 Rachel May 30, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    I am with Emily. I hope you guys sterilized the nose pot 🙂

    Ashley and John (that’s so weird to type, that wasn’t his name back when I was changing his diapers :b ) have really grown up! John’s hair was so much lighter last time I saw him. He looks a lot like what I remember of Luke.

    Can’t wait to see more pics 🙂 Tell the parents “hello” for me 🙂

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