How’s this for crazy: Peter is 40 weeks old today. Given that I was 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant when he was born, he has actually been outside my body longer than he was in it. Crazy.

If I’d somehow managed to get pregnant the day Peter was born, I’d be in labor right now. Also slitting my wrists, but that’s beside the point.

All day I’ve been thinking things like, Forty weeks ago right this minute I was sitting in my hospital bed, waiting for the pitocin drip to cause contractions that were more than mildly uncomfortable. And I sure am glad that this time forty weeks ago I let that nurse talk me into getting that epidural before they broke my water. Closely followed by, I sure am glad that epidural worked. I could kiss modern medical technology on the mouth.

Also, Forty-one weeks ago, I was using the word “cervix” a lot, even in mixed company.

Forty weeks ago, as of 1:30 this afternoon, I was being handed a wriggling purple bundle.


Here’s what that wriggling purple bundle looked like once he’d been cleaned up and swaddled within an inch of his life:


It’s so hard to believe it’s been forty weeks since my wee baby was that wee. In the intervening forty weeks, my baby has learned to roll, sit, crawl, stand. He can open the kitchen cabinet and take out all the pots and pans. He can eat whole peas and excrete them intact.

He can smile, laugh, play, kiss, cuddle. He is heartwrenchingly cute.


People love to tell new parents to enjoy their children while they’re young, because they grow up so quickly. It’s a cliche that makes me roll my eyes, but I found myself saying it to a friend the other day: They grow up so fast. You blink and they’re huge. Then I apologized, and punched myself in the teeth for good measure.

But oh, how it’s true. I mean, look at him:


He’s not my little baby anymore! Well, okay, he’s still my baby. But he’s not my tiny purple newborn anymore!

Parenting is so strange, so full of times that your heart is clenching in sadness and happiness all at once. And it goes so fast.



2 Responses to “Forty”

  1. 1 Hope March 10, 2009 at 5:29 pm

    ahhhh yes… but don’t forget those sections of 40 weeks what you WISH would go faster- 2… 13… you know… the times where Mark Twain claims are the best options for locking them up in a barrel until the become civilized! LOL

  2. 2 Tony March 19, 2009 at 12:36 pm

    Lovely pictures, Abi. (And, yes, they do grow up fast. Next time I see you, feel free to punch me in the teeth.)

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